Monday, 17 January 2011

What's a CV for anyway?

What's a cv for anyway?

It is very simple, your CV is your promotional material, an advert for yourself.  After reading your CV a potential employer should WANT to interview you.

It is a clear, straightforward document that tells your potential employer the important things about you including:
- full name
- postal address
- email address
- telephone number
- age
- marital status
- executive summary: one paragraph synopsis tailored for job sought
- education and qualifications in reverse order including dates and grades 
- work history including role, company worked for and responsibilities
- referee names and addresses

But a CV is not just about providing information about you, it is a document to sell you.

To do this a CV needs to be:
- up to date
- clear and easy to navigate
- accurate and honest
- achievement based
- skills focussed 
- relevant for the job sought

The worst CVs are vague, incomplete, contain holes in dates, raise more questions than they answer, dishonest. 

Employers are used to reading CVs; make sure yours shows you at your best and stands out from the rest.

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