Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I don't have the skills for a new job!

I don't have many skills to find a new job!

Of course you do, we all do.

Do you always meet your friends on time? Then you're punctual.

Do you make complex social arrangements? Then you're a planner and a time manager.

Do you use email and text messaging and social networking? Then you're a communicator.

Do you keep to your budget when shopping? Then you're a financial manager.

Do you speak on the phone whilst cooking the dinner and keeping an eye on the kids? Then you're a multi-tasker.

Do you work hard on your homework to make it the best it can be? Then you're motivated.

So you get all your Christmas cards out on time to family and friends?  Then you're organised and efficient.

Do your friends call on you to help them work through their problems? Then you're a good listener and possibly even a facilitator.

Do you have ideas all the time for new projects in life? Then you're inventive.

Do you always finish a task you start? Then you're a completed finisher.

Do you review your day and what you've achieved? Then you're reflective.

Do you beat yourself up? So do we all, it's called self improving.

You have skills, many of them, you just need to identify them.  Let spinning careers help.

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