Tuesday, 4 January 2011

How Spinning Careers works

Spinning Careers provides support for each individual separately.

We are different. We care about you and your future.

We are not an impersonal CV writing company.
We do not mass produce cloned CVs.
We will not work from written words alone.

We care about your success and look forward to celebrating with you as you achieve your future career.

We get to know our clients.
We make the process enjoyable.
We agree with you what service you need.
We work with all ages and experience levels.
We enjoy our work and the process of helping our clients.

We talk with you, in person or on the phone and learn about:
- your experience,
- your skills,
- your weaknesses,
- your personality,
- your uniqueness,
- your future aspirations.

You relax and dream of your future spinning ahead of you.
We email what you need within one week, for your approval.

We get to know the you the world should see; then we help you show this to your future educator, employer or client.

We hope that you will enjoy the process, despite your doubts.
We know that you will learn more about yourself then you expect.

Our clients tell us that our help has been invaluable for their careers.
Let Spinning Careers be invaluable for your career.

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