Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Joy of Working on Personal Statements

This is such a fantastic time of the year to be working as a career advisor because I get to work with teenagers who are looking for help and guidance in writing their university application personal statements.

In doing this work I have the privilege of joining these young people as they think about
- what they like studying,
- where their specific skills lie,
- what career they'd like to pursue and
- what they'd like to study at university.

I am lucky enough to hold in memory my own apprehension and concern balanced alongside excitement and hope when I was writing my own UCAS personal statement. Many people forget these feelings as they age, but twenty years on they're as fresh for me as they were then. This is a benefit to have, since I can help the young people accept these feelings and hold them as they progress, reassuring them that everyone feels that way and it's very very normal.

I suppose I could apply for another course myself, but working with these young people comes just as close; I learn about new subjects and careers, hear from this generation about the hopes and dreams and journey with them as they progress.

My hope is that after working with me these young people might have even a slight aspect of joy from the process, I do.