Friday, 7 January 2011


KD (Oxfordshire) - sales
Emma helped me completely redo my CV showing all the skills I didn't know I had.  She made it fun and helped me realise what I could do in a different job.  Working with her helped me make the career change from admin work to sales from which I have never looked back.  If you think you could do more in your job than you are I recommend asking Emma to help you.

SD (Hampshire) - marketing
I always planned to work in marketing but hadn't managed to sell myself into the field.  I was working as a PA when Emma helped me see that I was developing skills that I could use in a marketing department.  Emma produced a marketing focussed CV and covering letter and helped me find my first role as an assistant marketing assistant.  The CV Emma produced for me is The one I still update many years later.

EE (Surrey) - project management
I was working in project management but felt I wasn't being given opportunities to move my career on.  Emma helped me understand what responsibilities I was managing, many above my role requirements; she then worked with me to speak to my employers and present my request for promotion.  I was promoted and also given additional training by my employers which has continued over the following years.  I was ready to try and find a new job but with Emma's input I was able to progress without having to leave my employer.  

VE (London) - account management
I was facing redundancy after many years with one company, I was scared of how to look for new jobs.  Emma made the process of writing my CV fun, it wasn't painful or difficult.  She really helped me feel confident about what I could do and supported me through interviews and salary negotiations.  Working with Emma is a great experience.

JF (Hong Kong) - mechanical engineering
I met Emma at a conference she was speaking at in Hong Kong.  We got talking and I told her how I wasn't getting promoted whilst colleagues were.  Emma is so easy to talk to and I was thrilled when she gave me her email address and said she'd look at my cv for me if I wanted.  By email we looked at my job, my skills and my career hopes; Emma then wrote a one page career summary for me and updated my CV.  I used these to apply for new jobs and moved for a promotion within 3 months.  Emma did all this for me as a favour, I am thrilled she is now going to offer it as a business.

ZM (Manchester) - software development
Emma has a way with words, she takes my skills and experience and makes it sound amazing.  When she first showed me her redesign of my cv I thought it was for someone else; but when she talked me through it I realised how she just showed my skills more professionally.  The confidence boost that I had working with Emma on my CV carried into my interview and I am now enjoying my new job.

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