Monday, 10 January 2011

So that's enough study, time for a job....

You might be 16, 18, 21 or older; perhaps you've got some qualifications you want to use, perhaps not. What you do know is that you've had enough studying and want to get a job, so where do you go from here?

Well the first thing of course is to see what qualifications you have and what use they can be for an employer. Write them down, with the grades and put them to one side.

Next you need to think about your skills. What are you good at?
are you a sportsman?
a social organiser?
quiet and good at concentrating?
or confident and excellent with people?
do you like to have your DVDs in alphabetical order?
can you fix your computer problems without thinking twice?
these are all skills, valuable skills which can be applied to the work environment.

The next thing is to write down what you love to do in life.
a job is something you will do for more hours a week than your social life will take up, make sure you enjoy it. be clear about whether a quiet office would be better for you than a noisy call centre; or whether working outside would make you happier than being in a warehouse.

Now you have three lists:
1 - your qualifications
2 - your skills
3 - your passions

put those together and you have the basis for a CV, a covering letter and an application form; everything you could need to apply for a job.

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