Saturday, 8 January 2011

Yahoo's 25 weirdest interview questions

The-25-weirdest-interview-questions-of-2010: from Yahoo! Finance

Wow what a list.
I have had at least 50 interviews in my life and never been asked anything like these; and no one I know has ever come back from an interview with horror stories of these sort of questions. But I am fascinated by this article.

1. Because clearly there are organisations asking these questions. These are companies who have thousands of applicants for every position so they are looking for a way of finding that special candidate.

2. Because I would suggest that the organisations are interested in seeing how the applicant thinks through the question, copes with the panic and comes to some sort of answer. I doubt the answer itself matters. It is more about whether you stat calm under pressure and how your personality responds to the impossible.

3. Because I like a challenge and have had some fun thinking through some answers.

I would not start panicking that you might get asked these sort of questions at interview. But it would certainly tell you a lot about how you will cope under pressure if you try and answer a few. Give it a go, how does it feel, how would you respond?

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