Sunday, 20 February 2011

Why would I need another cv?

The simple answer is ... You Might Not!
But if, like me, you have a range of skills and therefore a number of different opportunities which you could turn your hand to, you should have a number if CVs which demonstrate yourself appropriately.

Let me use myself as an example.
In my pre-motherhood life I worked as a civil engineer, project manager, programme manager, risk analyst, risk manager, value manager, facilitator, workshop organiser, mentor and coach, business owner, academic, lecturer, author, and probably a few more I can't remember.

I had at least four versions of my CV; each was accurate, up to date, factually correct and truthful; but each focussed on a different area of my expertise. I never knew what opportunity might arise which I would want to apply for, I wanted to be ready. So I had a general project management one which showed my breadth of skills and detailed my experience in this field. I had a value and risk management one which detailed my workshop facilitation and procedure experience. I had a version for my work at universities and writing papers and books, this was much more brief about my professional projects but detailed about my writing and presenting skills. Then there was the business and people management version which was for possible roles in a business management context.

I know the concept of multiple CVs might be terrifying, but at the least you should have one version for use if applying for s new role in your current employers organisation and another if a great opportunity elsewhere arose.


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  2. Hello Emma
    I just came across you via mumpreneurs. I haven't updated my CV in ages and it is something I have been meaning to do. Do you have any examples of your work? It might save me a job if I could get someone else to do it. That said, it is not a huge priority as I am not applying for jobs at the moment, however I like to keep it current.