Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Five reasons to keep your CV up to date

1. You never know when the dream job might arise and you want to be ready to apply for it, TODAY!

2. You would be amazed by how your skills and experience change month by month, make sure your CV represents ALL you can do.

3. A regular CV review helps you see yourself as you really are, helping you focus on your goals and select career development opportunities.

4. We are not in a world where we have a "job for life" anymore; make sure that if you get the redundancy letter you are ready to be the first on the desk for a new job.

5. If you don't know how great you are, how do you expect your boss to know; updating your CV is the perfect preparation for your annual appraisal.

If you'd like your CV reviewed or would like to work with a specialist to improve it, then contact us at spinningcareers@gmail.com

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