Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Develop networks

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There is no doubt that we prefer to work with people we like; as colleagues, suppliers, consultants, partners, clients. But if you don't meet people, make contacts and sustain relationships then your network will be less able to promote you.

I know this sounds like an old boy network. That's how I felt about it when I was a young professional, and as a female I obviously rebelled against it. But in reality it's just having work related friends. I have over 250 people I send Christmas cards to, people who i appreciate as friends and/or colleagues. And these people often bring work and job leads my way.

So here's a top tip; make sure you use the networks you have to your advantage, by keeping up with them.

Email one person in your network every day
Today email them this blog post, then comment and let us know what response you got.

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